Reception Management


The diary is integral to a positive patient experience from booking to payment. Managing the front desk should therefore be optimised to allow you to work as efficiently as possible.

Jelly’s intuitive diary screen has everything needed to manage patient bookings, payments and enquiries. From check-in to payment, information is shared between reception and practitioner so the patient visit can be managed discreetly and waiting times kept to a minimum. By monitoring and reporting on patient visit times, bottle-necks can be identified and service improved.


  • Book by practitioner, room, class
  • Switch between locations if you have multiple clinics
  • Next available appointment finder
  • Waiting list and recall management
  • View complete patient record in a click
  • Automated appointment reminders

Taking Payments

A quick glance at the diary screen will show who’s paid but whether a patient is onsite or on the telephone, taking payments needs to be as convenient and painless as possible.

With Stripe and Opayo integrated into Jelly, online payments can be taken over the phone or onsite. Using the patient portal or a link in any communication, patients can pay 24/7 at a time to suit them. Need to raise an invoice? the invoice template and pricing are pre-set, it’s all done in a single click.


With messages arriving continually from different channels keeping on top of them, and the tasks they generate, can prove challenging and time consuming.

A dedicated message screen allows you to quickly read and respond to messages from patients and colleagues. Templates can be used to standardise responses to requests and FAQs saving even more time. Tasks can be delegated with lists and alerts to ensure every job is assigned and completed.

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