Letter templates help create an efficient communication system with patients and staff. Time spent responding to messages can be reduced to seconds and your letters will then only need minimal editing as they are automatically populated with all the necessary information.

Digital forms

On-boarding new patients, feedback requests… in fact any patient information requests, can be streamlined with the adoption of digital forms. JellyPx provides an easy, automated process to make it simple for patients to fill in their forms from home prior to their visit.

Accessed by patients via a secure link or their patient portal, forms can be completed on any device at a time that is convenient for them.


We help you go paperless with integrated dictation, letter templates and secure dispatch so that not only are letters generated with a few clicks, nothing now needs printing.

Letters can be digitally signed and set for approval before being dispatched. Password protection via email ensures documents can only be downloaded by the recipient or alternatively sent using secure mail and accessed via the patient portal.


A range of SMS and email messages can automatically confirm bookings, cancellations and rescheduled appointments to both the patient and practitioner leaving reception staff free to manage patients.

Instant messages are shared securely between users within the system, messages are also tracked which reduces the likelihood of any breach. Notifications of blood test results, outstanding letter approvals, online booking changes and so on are also displayed.

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