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JellyPx originally started life as a management software system for the UK health market in 2008. The software matured in some of the most demanding organisations across the country and evolved into a complete management package for a number of specialised and highly regulated disciplines. As many of our clients had a foot in both private and NHS practice, we subsequently gained approval for use by the NHS.

Today, JellyPx is used in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals from Harley Street to Huddersfield, Singapore to South Africa. Regardless of size, it gives owners and managers complete flexibility to operate their business how, when and where they want to, connecting their whole team across multiple locations and offering a true 360° management solution.

Our purpose is to provide a system that allows technology to take the strain, so users spend their time seeing more patients and delivering a more personalised service. We are driven by our clients and constantly strive to ensure our software exceeds their expectations.

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