Delivery of forms and documents to patients can be automated based on their appointment type, status or specific answers within a form. Staff are informed immediately of significant or urgent changes to help maintain excellent levels of patient care.

With a toolkit to create any number of reminders and prompts, tasks can be assigned, actioned and marked as completed to ensure clinic management processes are followed and documented.


The recall list identifies patients who have not booked or attended their next appointment helping to improve retention rates and ensuring no patient is forgotten about. Once contacted, the message is automatically written to the patient’s contact log for tracking and follow up.


Missed appointments cost money, even if a deposit has been taken. With a range of SMS and email reminder messages, a gentle nudge is often the difference between attendance or a no-show.

Receipts and invoices

Encourage patients to go paperless by receiving their receipts and invoices electronically. Once generated the system can automatically dispatch (or print) the document.


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