Practice Managers

A Tailored Solution

The constant evolution of business processes, services and regulations means you need a solution that will scale and adapt to these changes easily without having to change your software.

JellyPx is the most highly configurable system on the market so with expert help from our team, you’ll have a tailored software solution at a fraction of the cost of developing your own system. Ongoing support and training ensure you’re always making the most of the system and if you’re switching from another provider we can help with data migration.


  • Secure document sharing
  • Patient portal
  • GDPR compliant
  • Advanced reporting
  • Works on any device
  • Cloud based

Customer Service

In addition to effective treatments, high quality, consistent customer service is at the core of maintaining and retaining patient loyalty. Automation of tasks such as appointment recalls and reminders, task lists, alerts and patient reports will ensure no patient slips through the net. Every detail about the patient is available instantly so whether the patient is on the phone or onsite, any query can be answered accurately.

Reporting Patient Outcomes and Experiences

The need to evidence the effectiveness, safety and patient outcomes is a necessary, but often time consuming. With the capability to collate data to your own specification, tasks such as revalidation and reporting can be managed quickly. Bespoke patient, financial and business reports can be evaluated, exported and securely emailed to any third party.

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