The digital solution for community pharmacies, clinics and independent prescribing

We provide management software that breaks the mould. A complete solution for community pharmacies, clinics and prescribers that helps your whole team work smarter and puts patients and compliance at the centre of what you do.

Digital prescribing
JellyPx is also a secure digital prescribing platform that contains the NHS medicine database so that you can create your own branded private prescriptions. With a managed repeat system that will free up more of your time by allowing patients to request repeats and pay directly using a patient portal.

Video consultations
Remote consultations can be convenient and timely, and with reduced need for face-to-face contact it can offer increased appointment flexibility. Remote consultations also increases your reach of patients and your commercial footfall. Some patients may feel more relaxed at home, but the decision to offer a video consultation may also be used as a method of triage to assess if a face-to-face consultation will be necessary as a follow-up.

Increase productivity
Patients are managed in a timely and effective manner when the team know which part of the patient visit is their responsibility. Staff members can quickly capture patient details and symptoms before the patient consultation with the pharmacist. With a prescription generated during the consultation, dispensing staff can prepare the medication during the visit and auto-generated GP letters meaning the patient can leave with everything they need. There is the ability to detect any potential for cross selling and spot early on any new patient trends that emerge.

Grow revenue
JellyPx helps you offer clinical services such as aesthetics, travel clinic and minor illness clinics, in a time efficient manner increasing the value to your pharmacy.
It can store a patient’s medication history, their presenting condition and other pertinent information necessary that can be retrieved with a few clicks. Patients can complete their “new patient” forms from home in advance of their initial consultation to save time on the day.
By streamlining your consultation process and reducing the time needed to complete all the subsequent paperwork and GP letters, you create more time to see additional patients.

Be compliant
Using the same format for all consultations, the pre-defined consultation forms ensure all patient symptoms, history, observations… are recorded correctly, proving the service uses a structured consultation and record keeping approach.

Go paperless
Accessed via a PC or tablet, all patient notes, letters and communications are securely stored in one place. With records available at the push of a button for inspections, it’s simple to prove you are meeting standards and providing good and safe care to patients.

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Pricing (excludes VAT)

Clinic Version Up to 4 users£120
Pharmacy Version Up to 2 users£79
Additional users£20 each
Bundles of 1000 texts£30

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