Clinical Notes

The benefits of using digital notes go far beyond misplaced or illegible paper notes. Less time spent finding and reviewing images, results and documents leaves more time for your patients.

Instant storage and retrieval of patient data, simple navigation through a patient’s medical history and secure data sharing with colleagues and patients, all increase efficiency and productivity. Clinical auditing becomes more powerful and the integrity of your data is improved when standardised treatment templates are used.


  • Customised notes, documents and diagrams
  • Pathology (we integrate with TDL)
  • Prescriptions, injectable management for aesthetics and vaccinations
  • Provide travel vaccination services and flu clinics
  • Clinical coding using Snomed, CCSD, and other coding schemes
  • Image library
  • Detailed audit log to track changes


The popularity of video consultations during Covid 19 has soared with many clinics which is why we support Zoom, Livi and Attend Anywhere platforms. Not only do they increase clinical capacity but also improve patient attendance rates. Via an email or SMS link, patients are connected to your video consultation on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Our high quality, secure integration means no data is shared with third parties and clinical notes can be recorded during the consultation so you’re always compliant.

Forms, Letters & Documents

Engaging patients in their own healthcare can have real benefits when it comes to outcomes. Patients find letters and relevant additional reading informative and supportive, helping them to understand their condition and act on lifestyle recommendations to help them get better sooner.

Data captured in forms or notes can automatically populate letters and reports for quick editing and with integrated dictation, digital signing and secure dispatch, you save time and can be completely paperless. Sent directly from their record, patients can read and refer to appropriate and educational leaflets at their leisure.


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