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By incorporating real-world feedback over many years, JellyPx is highly proven in the clinical market and delivers the best set of features for your business.

As Jelly is highly configurable it can deliver a wide range of clinical capabilities ranging from wound care, dermatology, menopause management to ADHD and psychiatry.

It will help you operate multiple clinics across many locations, has built in automation to reduce the administrative load and has extensive billing capabilities for self-funders, companies, families and insured patients.

Practice Managers

With the digitalisation of healthcare and the day-to-day challenges that every clinic faces, JellyPx gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale the system to meet the needs of your team as your services and processes evolve.

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Digitally connecting with your patients is becoming more important. Telemedicine appointments, vaccinations clinics, secure communication and a patient portal are available whether you’re transitioning online or looking for a single system that does it all.

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As their first point of contact, the service patients receive via reception shapes their initial impression of your clinic. Whether patients book online, on the telephone or at the clinic, JellyPx gives you the tools to surpass their expectations.

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Accounts & Billing

Profitability relies on a timely and accurate billing and payment cycle. Features such as clinical coding, online payments and comprehensive reporting ensure invoices and payments are managed and processed with minimum input.

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JellyPx has everything you need to run your business more efficiently. As it is highly configurable it can be tuned to meet your specific requirements. We also have comprehensive implementation packages to help you get started.

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Why choose JellyPx?

Years of experience have gone into developing a modern, intuitive, simple-to-use product for patients, consultants and managers. We use the latest technology so your data can be accessed securely 24/7 on any device. With the ability to customise the functionality to suit your business, regardless of size or specialism, we will help you create an integrated, intelligent and cost-effective solution and as we’re approved for use by the NHS, you can be confident you’re choosing a tried, tested and secure software package.

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